Abdominal Light Belt with shoulder strap

383 Cintura Leggera con tracolla - sardamatic

In plastic and reinforced Nylon (840) of excellent quality. More ergonomic variant of the 382 version, it allows an efficient effort distribution during the fight, thanks to a very comfortable shoulder strap. Also equipped with snap hooks for attachment to the reel.
It can be completed with our stainless steel gimbal (code 384) for a more comfortable support of the barrel.

Cod. 383

Abdominal Light Belt

382 Cintura Leggera - sardamatic

In plastic and nylon (840) of excellent quality. Very practical to use, very light it can be completed with our stainless steel gimbal (code 384)

Cod. 382

Confortable Abdominal Belt

381 Cintura Comoda - sardamatic

“Comfortable”  easy to wear in case of “sudden needs”. Thanks to the Velcro closure it allows excellent stability but above all an indispensable “individual adjustment”. It can be completed with our stainless steel gimbal cod. 384 for a more comfortable accommodation of the fishing rod.

Cod. 381

Heavy Stand-up Belt

Anatomic on the legs for maximum stability on all positions. Laced to the waist, this prevents fatigue in the shoulders or neck. Comfort is ensured by the closed cell foam padding covered with a breathable lining.
Finally, the stainless steel glass included in the equipment allows a comfortable and quick support for the fishing rod. Indispensable for trolling and Big Game fishing to ensure stability to the rod in recovering fish of considerable size, particularly stubborn and combative. Ideal combined with Kidney Harness or Shoulder Harness.

Cod. 380

Stainless Steel Gimbal

Accessory that offers a practical and comfortable support for the fishing rod, which integrates the equipment of our belts (code 381, code 382 and code 383)

Cod. 384

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