EAGLE flatted Hooks

Pack of 100 hooks.
Stainless steel hooks, flatted, reversed, beak point

size COD.
1 EGF001
2 EGF002
3 EGF003
4 EGF004
5 EGF005
6 EGF006
7 EGF007
8 EGF008
1/0 EGF010
2/0 EGF020
3/0 EGF030
4/0 EGF040
5/0 EGF050

EAGLE ringed Hooks

Pack of 100 hooks.
Stainless steel hooks, ringed, reversed, beak point.

size COD.
1 EGR001
1/0 EGR010
2/0 EGR020
3/0 EGR030
4/0 EGR040
5/0 EGR050
6/0 EGR060
7/0 EGR070

For Tuna Hooks

Pack of 10 hooks.
High quality carbon hook, with eyelet short series,
reversed,, forged, beak point high resistance to corrosion.
Recommanded for fishing in drifting and assist hooks construction.

size COD.
4/0 FT040
5/0 FT050
6/0 FT060
7/0 FT070
8/0 FT080
9/0 FT090
10/0 FT100

Live Bait Hooks

10 pieces box. High-quality stainless steel hooks, short
series, forged ringed particular for live bait trolling. It has a fine lightness,
but at the same time an extraordinary strength to catch big amberjacks.
The tip is very sharp for an excellent and quick penetration, basic requirement to increase the catching of dentex

size COD.
1/0 LB010
2/0 LB020
3/0 LB030
4/0 LB040
5/0 LB050
6/0 LB060
7/0 LB070
8/0 LB080
9/0 LB090
10/0 LB100
11/0 LB110
12/0 LB120
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