Swivel Rod Holder


Superportacanne completo - sardamatic

Extra strong rod holders able to take different positions depending on the position you want to give to the fishing rod. In combination with its base it can be set to free rotation mode.

Super portacanne sopra - sardamatic

The rod holder has a small cloutch device inside, that allow to rotate
the rod for small adjustements according to the fishing line direction.

Four angle positions 15° 30° 45° 60°.
Overturn function to strike fish immediately or to take fishing
line without pull out the rod from the rod holder.

The combined use of the revolving rod holder with our base (code 365) allows you to easily take 10 different positions, on 180 °.

Furthermore, using our base (code 365) The rod holder can easily be made free to rotate for 350 °

Cod. 364

Made entirely in polished stainless steel complete with counterplate and bolts.
However, the base can also be used for other fishing gear,
as downrigger, feeders, etc.

Cod. 365

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