Quick Release

Pinza a sgancio - sardamatic
Pinza aperta_v02 - sardamatic

Quick release. Revolutionary, with opening and shutting snap lever. When a fish is hooked the release opens and
the line is quickly left free, contrary to traditional release where line is torn-off from the grip.
It is easy to adjust from few grammes to a few kilos and the same adjustment is always valid every time
you need. At a maximum adjustment it is able to bear rather big lures at more than 4 knot speed.

Pinza montata - sardamatic

No more accidental releases, false alarms for line
slipping, enough with useless waste of time, the
release opens up only if a fish is hooked or if bait hooks the bottom.
The rubber top has exceptional assets of elasticity, to obtain an effective and constant adjustment
in time. It is so much cut-proof, therefore it doesn’t
groove and in any case can be overturned to use the other side.
The generous length of the small cable that connects it to the weight enables the rod to transmit
even the least touch of a fish, useful, especially during dentex trolling, which has the “bad habit” of mutilating live bait and to escape the capture, or when
trolling with cuttlefish or squid, small predators bite their tentacles.

Cod. 520-01

Rapid snap link

Moschettone applicato - sardamatic
Moschettone rapido aperto - sardamatic

(Rapid snap link)  Indispensableto rapdly fix our quick release
by the downrgger or the outrigger cable. Plastic
made is also used to fix either a lead weight
anything else on a line.

Cod. 525

Terminal for downrigger cable

Terminale montato - sardamatic
Terminale componenti - sardamatic

(Terminal for downrigger cable) Easy mount without any copper crimps.

Cod. 528

Terminale montaggio - sardamatic

The assembly on the steel cable is very fast. The use of pliers or tools is not necessary.

Meter recorder

(Meter Recorder) Complete of adapters to be fixed on various diameters:

  • 22 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm

Cod. 510

Downrigger Wire

(Downrigger wire) 1 x 1 wire, 0,8 mm diameter, 140lbs, stainless steel AISI 316, 300 ft coil.
In comparison with the braid cable it offers less friction
and the weight keeps more vertically to the boat.

Cod. 516

Downrigger cable

(Downrigger cable) 0,8 mm diameter, 138 lbs, stainless steel AISI 316, 7 wire braid, 300 ft coil.
Excellent,high resistance, 7 Braided Strands.

Cod. 515

Spherical lead

Spherical lead. Essential accessory, with stainless steel stabilizing fin.
It allows you to sink the baits using the downrigger. Rings for attachment in stainless steel.

Cod.  511 2.5 kg
Cod. 512 3 kg
Cod. 513 7 kg

Lead guardian

Lead Guardian. Ideal for trolling with live or for bottom fishing, stainless steel ring.

The technique of lead guardian is a very ancient fishing system that is widely used in trolling with live bait, especially in the settlement of amberjack, dentex, Garrick and bluefish.

Easy, economical and above all efficient method, it is now considered a real fishing system.

This sinking solution takes its name from the fact that lead, preceding the terminal, when it touches the bottom “warns” the fisherman, giving him the possibility of adjusting the altitude at which the bait is to be worked and allowing it to increase the selectivity of the fishing action.

COD.  531 500 g

COD.  532 750 g
COD.  533 1000 g

Shaft support

Shaft support.
Robust accessory completely in stainless steel. Shaft diameter 25 mm, upper plate with 6 holes for various fixing positions.

Compatible with other types downrigger, not sardamatic.

Cod. 523

Fixed support for downrigger

Fixed support. Stainless steel plate to be fixed on the boat. The accessory is completed by stainless steel screws and a handwheel with a 10 mm stainless steel thread.

Cod. 524

Rod holder support for downrigger

Reinforced rod holder support. Completely in stainless steel, the equipment includes stainless steel bolts and fixing handwheel.

Cod. 526

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